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Kite Hill
San Francisco

made to order: sleeves

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so you're interested in a custom sleeve for your tablet or laptop? wonderful!

please complete the below request form. 

name. *
device. *
if you chose "other tablet" or "other laptop" above, please provide make and model. If possible, please provide a link to the exact model of tablet or laptop that we're designing for, and confirm that the website provides dimensions. /// if not, please provide the following measurements: TABLET: 1) top to bottom 2) side to side 3) thickness. LAPTOP, with the laptop closed: 1) front to back 2) side to side 3) thickness. /// Please be precise. If there are any tapers, please provide the largest measurement.
color. *
what colors would you like to see? please select one to three options.
pattern. *
what pattern would suit you best? please select one to three options.
is there anything else you'd like to note, about yourself or your gift recipient? perhaps personality or work setting?